Classroom Expectations

  • The ABC’s of Watts Elementary 4th Grade 

    Written by the 4th Grade teachers

    Prologue: We are so excited to have you in our classroom this year.  Please read the ABC’s and sign and return the separate paper.  This will always be available on our websites for future reference.  We could not do our job without you!!  At Watts, we believe it truly takes a village to raise a child.  It takes parent support, the child’s willingness to always try, and the teacher doing his/her job to make your child successful.

    A: Agenda

    B: Binder.  We ask that each child have a binder with dividers.  This is the best way we have found to stay organized.  Important notes and papers will go behind the subject divider.  Please only remove graded papers.

    C:  Corrections.  Students are allowed to correct ANY assignment that did not show mastery (70% or more).  Students will be given ONE attempt per assignment for corrections.  Teacher assistance is available during Tutoring/Recess time or work to be corrected may be taken home.  Some corrections will require a parent signature.  Corrections are strongly encouraged.

    D: DO send birthday snacks.  Please let the teacher know 24 hours ahead of time, send all utensils, and make sure it is store-bought and in the original container.  Birthday snacks sent in without the notice will not be handed out until the following day.

    E: E-Readers (Tablets).  Some students have E-readers (tablets) and would like to use them for the books that they have downloaded.  Please know that any device that has phone capabilities is not allowed.  Also, any device that has internet ability is not allowed.  Please have your child ask his/her teacher for a permission slip.  As a reminder, cell phones must remain OFF and in a backpack during school hours.

    F:  Field trips.  We will give notice before we take a field trip.  We will be going to the Alamo/IMAX in the spring.  You must have a background check on file with the district (renewed every year ONLINE) if you would like to chaperone. Chaperones will not be taken on in-district field trips.

    G: GradeSpeed/Parent Connection.  Please take advantage of checking your child’s grades online.  You can log in through the district website at  This will allow you to check all grades, any missing or late work, and assignments that need to be corrected. An account must be renewed each year.  

    H: Halfway through the morning, we will have a SNACK.  Please send a snack for your child that is on the district approved list.  No candy!  This is also not meant to be a “mini-meal”. Please send all utensils with their snack. Students may only drink water during the day in the classroom.

     I:  Interest.  One of the best ways to help your child be successful is to take an interest in his/her education.  Look at your child’s work, ask what they are doing in class, talk to them about what they are reading or read with them.  Also, check and sign the planner daily.

    J:  Just in case you need to call the teacher, our conference time is from 2:15-3:10.  Please call at 619-4400.  However, our preferred method of contact is by e-mail. Transportation changes must be hand written or called into the office by 2:00.

    K: Kids.  That is who we are here for!

    L: Late work.  Any late work will be noted in the last column of the planner and will be crossed off by that teacher when it is turned in.  As per district grading policy, grades on any assignments not turned in on time may be reduced by 10 points.  Late assignments will be accepted within 5 schools days, not to exceed the last day of the nine weeks.  All assignments must be turned in prior to the end of the grading period, or the grade will be recorded as a zero. The district Grading Guidelines are contained in the Parent-Student Handbook.

    M: Make sure your child gets enough rest.  It is proven that students do better (and adults, too) when we get enough sleep.

    N: Notes.  Please feel free to write us notes. A note is required for a change of transportation or when your child is absent.  Please include the date, your child’s name, and your signature.

    O:  Our job is to foster independent thinking and learning for students to be successful and responsible for themselves.  We will guide rather than dictate learning.  We will also meet individual needs that are developmentally appropriate.

    P: Parties. We will have a Christmas Party and Valentine’s Day Party.  Your homeroom teacher will send information about the party.  Again, to be around the children at the party, you need to have a background check on file. The form is now ONLY submitted online through the district website (

    Q:  Questions. Please email us if you have any questions.;;;

    (It is our first initial and last name.)

    R: Reading.  Students will be reading independently at school.  We encourage continued reading at home each night.  Students will be challenged to read at least 40 books before the end of the year.   Make sure students have a book at school every day!

    S: STAAR Tests.  There are state assessments given in the spring.  

    T: Toys At School.  We do not allow toys at school.  We consider this to be anything they are playing with that distracts from their learning or the learning of others (including iPods/pads/phones).  There are special times when toys or board games may be brought (Reward Days), but the teacher will give advance notice in the planner. If a toy is taken up, depending on the toy, it will either be given to the office (for safe keeping) or held in the teacher’s desk.  A note may be required from you to get the toy returned.

    U: Unless we are all communicating, the success of your child could falter. Please contact your child’s teacher at the first sign of a problem.  For classroom questions, you can refer to our web pages, too.  We try to keep them updated with new information and website links.

    V:  Volunteers.  The school is always looking for volunteers.  Please contact the PTC for more information. 

    W: While You Were Out.  Make-Up work – Students are allowed two school days for every day of class missed.  If you know ahead of time that your child will be out, please make arrangements with your child’s teacher to get work.  You may contact the office to request student work when your child is absent.

    X:  We strive for eXcellence.

    Y: Your child will be successful this year!  That is our MAIN goal!!!

    Z:  That’s Z end J