• Agenda Feb. 24- Feb. 28


    Monday, Feb. 24

    1. Complete SAT Pre-Registration 

    2. Intro to "Why Literature Matters"

      A. Break down prompt

      B. Read and identify devices/techniques



    Tuesday, Feb. 25

    1. Work time on group outline for SAT essay (Due at the end of class)



    Wednesday, Feb. 26

    1. Go over English III 3rd 9 Weeks QPA

    2. Intro to Zadie Smith's "Northwest London Blues"

      A. Read and analyze



    Thursday, Feb. 27

    1. Outline rhetorical analysis essay

    Hmwk:Outline due 2/28


    Friday, Feb. 28

    1. Draft rhetorical analysis essay

    Hmwk:Rough Draft due 3/2 for Peer Revision