• Agenda Mar. 2- Mar. 6


    Monday, Mar. 2

    1. Independent reading assignment due

    2. Lincoln and Thoreau paired passages persuasive handout

         -Read and SOAPSTone passages

    Hmwk:Complete SOAPSTone


    Tuesday, Mar. 3

    1. 10 mins of I.R.  

    2. Work time on Lincoln and Thoreau analysis questions

    3. Class discussion about analysis questions

    Hmwk: None


    Wednesday, Mar. 4

    1. Intro to Malala speech 

        A. Read and SOAPSTone

        B. Answer analysis and OER questions


    Hmwk:Complete questions


    Thursday, Mar. 5

    1. 10 mins of I.R.  

    2. Discusss questions

    3. Intro to Mark Twain sentence combining activity

       A. combine sentences in most effective way using dependent conjunctions

    Hmwk:Combine sentences


    Friday, Mar. 6

    1. Continue Mark Twain sentence combining activity

       A. Group critiquing