Language Arts


    Spelling: Word patterns are discussed and lists are created by students on Monday. 

    English/Grammar: Grammar will be taught with through the writing process. We will be taking notes for Grammar in our ELAR composition notebook and applying the skills in our writing.

    Writing:  This is an important portion of 4th grade.  We take the Writing STAAR test in April.  In preparation, we will work on paragraphs, spelling, and grammar.   I have linked the TEA website to further explain all that must be accomplished to pass the Writing test.  However, at Watts, we have had great success the last 18 years preparing and getting our students to become life-long writers.  Please help us by editing the first drafts.  Have your child read the story to you.  Many times they will catch their own mistakes.  Then go through and check for capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes.  We will be using different strategies in class too.  Try just pointing out that there is a mistake and see if they can fix it on their own.  This is a very important skill because on the STAAR test they will not be able to use any resources to help them.


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