Child Find: Serving Children With Different Learning Needs

  • Child Find is a free referral information service that helps children who need assistance with learning challenges which prevent them from doing well in school. By pinpointing problems early, beginning at birth, Child Find offers every infant, child, and youth an equal chance to achieve his or her full potential.

    For example, if you notice that your child plays differently from others, or has problems with vision, hearing, speech, or coordination, he or she may benefit from services offered through the public schools. Does your child demonstrate problems or difficulties in any of the following areas?

    • Speech/Language (difficulty pronouncing words, difficulty being understood by others, has difficulty or does not respond when spoken to, and/or does not babble, coo, or talk)
    • Hearing (inappropriate response or no response to sound, chronic ear problems, and/or pulls ears) Vision (unable to see things close up and/or far away, avoids eye contact, unable to follow objects, squints eyelids together, and/or rubs eyes often)
    • Cognitive/Mental (does not understand directions or instructions, does not play or relate to others, and/or does not identify common objects)
    • Motor/Physical Development (uneven or no movement, physically overactive or passive, clumsy, and/or limited strength, vitality, or alertness)
    • Behavior (restless, need for constant movement, no understanding of real dangers, and/or experiencing drastic mood swings)
    • Self-Help (some concerns may be: does not try to feed self, rarely expresses wants or desires, and/or shows little or no independence)

    No one knows your child better than you. That is why you are more likely than anyone else to notice something different in your child's behavior, physical ability, mental development, or learning patterns. If a child with a learning difference begins working with an educational professional when problems are first noticed, the chances are much greater that the child will have a positive experience at school.

    If you are concerned that your child seems to be learning or playing differently than others, please call Lesli Spielman, Appraisal Secretary, at 210-945-6460, for more information. We're here to help you access services to meet the unique learning needs of your child.

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    *The information on this page was taken from the state Child Find pamphlet.