SCUC Responsible Use Principles for Employees

  • You are being given access to the district’s network and technology resources.  These technologies may include, but are not limited to, email, Internet access, Wi-Fi, district computing devices, and Wi-Fi connectivity for personal devices. As an SCUCISD employee, you are expected to use district technology resources in a professional, safe, and responsible way. [see CQ(LOCAL)] Additionally, as a user of the district’s network and technology resources, you are expected to model good digital citizenship through courtesy, respect, and integrity in your online activities.


    In accepting this agreement, employees acknowledge the following rules and conditions:


    • I will use technology in a meaningful, safe, and responsible way.
    • I understand that I represent the school district in all my online activities.
    • I will use technology resources productively, appropriately, and primarily for school- related purposes. I will avoid using any technology resource in such a way that would disrupt the activities of other.
    • I will use digital communication (email, text, blogs, wikis, podcasting, chat, instant-messaging, discussion boards, virtual learning environments, etc.) with the understanding that I am creating a digital reputation.
    • I will not use district resources for political advertising, lobbying or campaigning.
    • I will not use district resources for the promotion of commercial goods or services for personal gain.
    • I understand that all district equipment, the district network, and my district accounts are property of SCUCISD and can be monitored.
    • I understand that I may not access student email accounts, network or cloud storage without students’ knowledge and/or written permission from my campus or district administrator. [see CQ(LOCAL)]
    • I will conserve district resources through the proper use of printers, server space, video or audio streaming, and network bandwidth.
    • I understand that campus and district administrators will deem what conduct is inappropriate use if such conduct is not specified in this agreement. 
    • I understand that I will be held to the same professional standard in my public use of digital media as I am for any other public conduct. (see DH LOCAL)
    • I understand that it is my responsibility to backup data stored locally on my computer.
    • I understand that any intellectual property created on or with district resources or during work hours is the property of the district, and shall not be sold without district approval. [see CY(LOCAL)]



    I will use technology in accordance with the laws of the United States and the State of Texas:


    • Criminal acts – These include, but are not limited to, “hacking” or attempting to access computer systems without authorization, harassing email, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, child pornography, vandalism, and/or unauthorized tampering with computer systems.
    • Libel laws - Publicly defaming people through the published material on the Internet, email, etc. 
    • Copyright violations – Copying, selling or distributing copyrighted material without the express written permission of the author or publisher (users should assume that all materials available on the Internet are protected by copyright), or engaging in plagiarism (using other’s words or ideas as your own).


    If I choose to use social media:


    • I understand my professional career also includes my digital reputation.
    • I understand that what I do on social networking websites should not reflect negatively on students, teachers, or on the District.
    • I understand all online actions leave a permanent record and remain online, even if deleted.
    • I understand, as a certified or licensed employee, that I may use electronic media to communicate with currently enrolled students about matters within the scope of my professional responsibilities.[see DH(LOCAL)]
    • I understand, as a non-certified or non-licensed employee, that I will not use electronic media to communicate with currently enrolled students unless I have written authorization from the superintendent or campus principal. [see DH(LOCAL)]
    • I understand that blogs, teacher websites, and learning management systems are an extension of my classroom, and that it is important to actively maintain these resources.
    • I will adhere to FERPA and copyright regulations when posting student activities.
    • I will refrain from posting student photos/videos on my personal social media accounts.


    I understand and will abide by the above responsible use principles. Should I commit a violation, I understand that consequences of my actions could include suspension of computer privileges, disciplinary action and/or referral to law enforcement.