• Ms.O. Rodriguez Classroom Rules: 

    1.  Absolutely NO chewing gum during class or lab.

    2.  Absolutely NO profanity.

    3.  Students MUST work, behave, and speak with professionalism.

    4.  Student MUST be on time and ready to participate.

    5.  Students MUST be respectful of another student’s ethnicity,

         religion, or gender.

    6.  Students MUST follow HIPAA and OSHA safety rules at all times.

    7.  It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to remove any equipment, supplies,

         hazardous materials, or body fluids from the lab or classroom.

    8.  NO texting, cell phone use, or electronic devices during instruction.

    9.  Do NOT sit on the desks.

    10.  Do NOT wait by the door for the bell.

    Parents and Students: Please review the Student Handbook Code of Conduct

    found on the district website at https://www.scuc.txed.net/Page/29003