• All expectations for my students behavior is in their personal take home folder. 

    Each week I update the folder to show how your student is doing. 

    The faces in each subject should be a vague statement of how they did in that class. If you see all smiles then they did a great job during that period. If you see frown faces colored in then you know where you student hit their rough patch for that day. If you flip behind the smiles worksheet I have a list of expectations. I go through this list every period with my students. If they have a check mark they followed the rules. If their is a line through it then you know what rule they were breaking for you to ask about. 


    Each student must complete three task per period to earn a full fifteen dollars, also known as behavior bucks. Throughout the day they are rewarded for their smart choices and doing their work. At the end of the day, each day, the student is able to access the treasure box. Using the money they earn in class they are able to buy items from the treasure box. 

    If you are looking to help me keep my treasure box full please feel free to bring items your student enjoys at home. I can use these items as a reward for doing great in school. 

    The only way for a student to not get treasure box is by hitting, running out of the room, or making the choice to not go to their general education setting. 


    At the end of each week on Friday I have a special prize for all the students. In the beginning of the week we come up with one resteraunt that the students would like to eat. If they have their whole name at the end of Friday they get the special food. If a student has any letter of their name covered with an 'X' they are not allowed the special Friday treat.