Charissa Lopez

    Byron Steele, II High School





    1. Course Description

    World History will provide a survey of world events from man’s origins to the twentieth century.  The class will uncover the origins and trace the progress of mankind throughout history.  Different aspects of history will be examined such as politics, economics, literature, art and much more to develop an understanding of how the world became what it is today. The problems that existed in the past are still prevalent today, and by studying the past, students will begin to understand the challenges of the future. 

    1. Class Participation/Responsibilities

    Reading the textbook is essential to gain basic knowledge that the class will build upon.  All reading is to be done as homework.  Class lectures and activities will provide added information and further details of topics covered in the readings.  Class participation will also uncover uncharted territory.  Class participation is essential.

    • Grading

    Grades and assignments will be posted on Gradebook on a weekly basis. 


    Grades are weighted as follows:

    50% = daily grades, which include but not limited to: worksheets, vocabulary, class activities,

    homework assignments, quizzes, projects and notebook checks

    50% = tests and major assignments (designated by the teacher)


    Completing all work assigned is important.  Extra credit is not given to replace missing grades. 


    Turning work in on time is characteristic of a responsible person, but people are not perfect and oversights do occur.  Students are allowed to turn in late work and redo failed assignments.  The work must be turned in within five (5) school days to receive up to 70% of the original credit.  For redo assignments, the teacher must be consulted in case an alternate assignment is used to further knowledge. 


    If a student earns lower than a 70% on a test, then that student may take a retest for up to a 70%.  The student has 5 days after the test has been handed back to schedule a day to retest.


    If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to gather make-up work from the instructor.  Students have two days for every day absent to make up missing assignments.  If a student missed a due date for an assignment because of an absence, then the assignment is due upon return to school that includes tests.  Students who fail to pick up assignments or turn them in late will receive the appropriate consequence. 


    Cheating is not tolerated.  Students who “collaborate,” “share” or practice other methods of cheating will receive a zero for the assignment, a referral and a telephone call home to their parents.


    1. Materials needed for World History
    2. 3 ring notebook with paper
    3. black/blue pens and pencils
    4. an assignment book or planner (recommended)
    5. Classroom Rules
    6. LISTEN to all instructions
    7. Be PROMPT
    8. RESPECT yourself and others
    9. Be POLITE
    10. Be POSITIVE
    11. Be CURIOUS and ask QUESTIONS
    12. Be WILLING to LEARN


    1. Cell Phones/electronic devices are to be put away and out of sight during direct instruction, lesson activities, and when working on independent assignments or group work unless pertinent to the lesson.


    In case of non-compliance or abuse of cell phone/electronic device, the instructor will ask the student/s to turn over the cell phone/electronic device until the end of class. Repeated abuse may result in cell phone/electronic device turned over to administration.


    Before all tests and quizzes, cell phones/electronic devices will be turned into instructor for safe keeping. The cell phones will be returned to the students after the last test or quiz has been turned in.


    There will be opportunities for students to use their cell phones to enhance learning.

    1. Communication

    Tutoring is available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-4:30 pm. Thursdays 8:00-8:30 am (may change because of meetings and/or duty assignments). 


    Students and parents are encouraged to contact me. My district email is cjlopez@scuc.txed.net (preferred) or I can be reached at 619-5360. 

    Charissa Lopez

    Social Studies Department

    Byron P. Steele, II High School


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    WORLD HISTORY, 2019-2020


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