Classroom Rules, Expectations, and additional information

  • Class Rules:

    1. Respect yourself, others, and all property.
    2. Be here when you are supposed to be here, physically and mentally.
    3. Be accountable for ALL of your actions, and inactions. No excuses!
    4. Leave the classroom better than you found it.
    5. Be an example to others.



    Class Expectations:

    1. Do your best
    2. Ask questions, ESPECIALLY if you don’t understand. Take ownership of your learning
    3. Treat others as you would like to be treated
    4. Be a team player


    I will be sending out text message notifications through the application "Remind". I don't see student phone #'s, and they don't see mine. I will send out reminders periodically about assignments, upcoming labs, etc. To sign up for these notifications, follow the instructions below.

    2nd period Food Science: text @2ndfoodsc to 81010

    3rd period Food Science: text @3rdfoodsci to 81010

    4th period Food science: text @adaless to 81010

    5th period Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness: text @5thlifet to 81010

    7th period Principles of Human Services: text @adalessi to 81010

    8th period Principles of Human Services: text @8thprinc to 81010