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Mrs. Autumn Heyman

My name is Autumn Heyman. I am originally from San Antonio and attended Texas A&M University in College Station. I started  teaching special education in 2006 and have taught grades 3-6. I am married with two children, Tristan and  Trinity, who both attend school in SCUCISD. I love swimming, camping, hiking, and generally just being outside with my family. 
spec ed   

  4th Grade Supplemental Education Teacher

 This year I will be providing Basic (resource- smal group instruction in the spcial  ed. setting) for ELAR and Co-Teach/inclusion support in Language Arts and Math for students who require accommodations and modifications to be successful. I will work with students in small groups or individually  to reteach/review concepts as needed.I will also will teach/reinforce social skills lessons weekly.  

My personal belief for education is that EVERY child can. Success is different for each individual and for our students success is based on individualized goals.  Parent communication is instrumental in providing students with the best possible education. Please always feel free to reach me via email, phone, or written notice. Also, please remember that the ARD paperwork and the IEP are living, breathing, dynamic documents that can change as needed. Please communicate with me any student needs that may change throughout the year and as a committee we can revisit and discuss any portion of the special education file as needed. .

I look forward to getting to know each of the students and their families!

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  • Heyman Schedule

    8:10-8:55 4th WIN

    8:55-10:15 CoTeach ELAR Cramberg

    10:15-11:10 Conference

    11:15-11:55 In-class Math Mulkey

    11:55-12:20 4th Basic Reading

    12:20- 12:50 Recess/Social skills

    12:50-1:20 Lunch

    1:25-1:45 4th Basic Reading

    1:50-3:10 CoTeach Math Mulkey