• Rules and Expectations:


    • Come to class prepared – on time, with supplies, and a positive attitude. 
    • Give it your all! I don’t expect perfection. I expect 100% effort.
    • Support each other. Choir students take care of each other.
    • The choir room is a shared space. Keep it clean and classy. 
    • No gum allowed! This is non negotiable. It is a safety hazard to sing with gum. 
    • No food or drink allowed in the choir room except water. This is non negotiable. 
    • No cell phones during rehearsal. This is non negotiable. I will take them up and keep them until the end of the day. If it is a repeat offense, I will hold the phone until a parent comes to pick it up.


    • Backpacks and personal belongings need to be stored at the back of the room. They will stay there for the duration of the class. No student is to be near that area without express permission from me once class has begun. 
    • You are assigned a choir binder and other supplies for the year. These are loaned to you. You are not to draw, poke, tear, or in any way deface the binder or any other supplies loaned to you by the choir department. When you enter the room, grab the binder assigned to you and start working on your vocabulary or warm-up. At the end of class, your binder needs to be returned to its correct place. 
    • When I am talking, you are not. Please raise your hand and wait to be called on. 
    • When others are singing, you are not talking. You are sitting quietly studying your own music, vocabulary, or solfege.