• Our 2nd Grade team believes that mutual dignity and respect are important in order for all of our students to be successful. These are KEY FACTORS in learning; therefore, behavior which hinders teaching and/or learning will not be tolerated.

     In order to guarantee this, we are utilizing the following discipline plan:

    -Respect yourself, peers, adults and school property
    -Be prepared for all school activities (including homework)

    -Follow Directions
    -Allow others to to work undisturbed
    -Walk quietly in the hallways at all times

    I will be using two forms of behavior management to encourage each student to be successful. One will be ClassDojo and the other will be our Classroom Economy. ClassDojo will serve as a real-time indicator of your child’s behavior throughout the day. Again, THIS WILL ALSO BE MY BEST FORM OF Daily COMMUNICATION. My goal is to reward more positive behavior than negative, but I will also record less desired behaviors as necessary. Our Classroom Economy will be a running platform that we will use inside the classroom. Throughout the day, your child will have the opportunity to earn “money” for good behaviors that they will be able use to redeem different incentives at the end of each week.

    Good behavior is encouraged through many types of positive reinforcements.  They will have a “PlayBook” Folder that will be sent home and returned daily.  Please check this folder daily for notes, signatures, incomplete work, etc.

         It is in your child’s best interest that we work together as a team.  Please contact me via Dojo, e-mail or note if you have any concerns

  • I encourage an Open Door Policy, so visitors are always welcome!


    Some ways volunteers can help:

    Make copies
    Assist in various classroom activities
    Parties and special events

    Please make sure to stop by the office and complete a background check form before volunteering in the classroom and/or Workroom.


  • Snacks

    We will have a daily “working snack” between 10:15 and 10:30. Please send a healthy option for your child.

    Due to allergies, your child may not bring any nut products for snack.

    Examples of Healthy Snacks:

    Fruit & Vegetables

    Cereal Bars



    Animal Crackers


    We LOVE celebrating our friends! If you would like to send in donuts, cookies, or cupcakes for your child’s birthday, please make sure it is store bought and has a nutrition label attached. Also, please give me AT LEAST a 24-Hour notice so that I can coordinate an alternative treat for any food allergies.

    Our designated party days are: Christmas, Valentines Day and an End of the Year party. Be on the lookout for more specific information prior to these celebrations. We’d LOVE to see you there!


  • Teachers pick-up students: 8:00

    Tardy Bell: 8:10

    Attendance Bell: 9:35

    Dismissal: 3:20

    Please make appointments after 3:00 whenever possible.  When returning to school from an absence, please send a doctor’s note or a signed note from a parent within 3 days of the absence.

    A folder with any makeup work will be sent home to be completed within seven (7) days.