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About On Ramps Physics

  • On Ramps Physics is a Dual Enrollment course making it a different way to earn college credit than traditional "dual credit" courses or Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses where being awarded college credit is based on performance on a comprehensive exam and at the discretion of the awarding institution.


    • Students are enrolled in a high school course on their local campus taught by a high school teacher. The teacher is responsible for all high school coursework, grading, and evaluation. 
    • Students are separately enrolled in a college course delivered via distance education and offered through the University Extension within the Texas Extended Campus. The college course is led by a credentialed college Instructor of Record. The instructor is responsible for all college coursework, grading, and evaluation. The technology used to deliver the course via distance education is the same technology University residential students use.
    • Just like college, students will enroll in a lecture component of the course (302K) as well as the lab component of the course (102M), see/download the syllabus for each component below.



    • The opportunity to "Experience College Before College"
    • OnRamps students who earn college credit through the UT Austin college course receive a college transcript along with separate high school credit and a high school transcript. OnRamps college course credit is accepted at any public university or college in Texas as well as many private and non-Texas institutions.

Syllabus 302K (Lecture)

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Syllabus 102M (Lab)

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