I don't give extra credit, just complete your assignments on time

    I follow all SCUCISD Board policies regarding missing assignments.

    I don't allow corrections for formative(daily) assignments.



    ● Summative 50%- Minimum 3 Assessments per 9 Weeks (Tests/Projects/Research/Unit Common Assessments/Major Writing

    ● Formative 50% -Minimum 10 Assignments per 9 Weeks (Daily/Quizzes/Homework/Reading//Minor Writing Assignments)
    ○ Remember: Zeros affect your average...So some credit is better than NO credit...

     Remember retake's are for summative exams only!!! 




    Late Work:
    ● Medically- excused absences -1 missed =2 days to complete w/out penalty
    ● 10 points will be deducted for late day up to 30 points.
    ● Late assignments will be accepted within 3 school days, not to exceed the end of the 9 week grading period.
    ● Students are responsible for make-up work after an absence.