Daily Five

  • Read to self

    Students each have a book box full of "right fit" books that they read from during read to self.

    Read to someone
    Students can practice developing their fluency by reading to someone.  This student is holding a cardstock "check" so she remembers to check her partner's understanding.

    Work on writing
    Students work on original stories, lists, poems, letters, etc... during work on writing.  The writing area is stocked with idea starters, decorative papers, pens, markers and spelling aides.

    Work on words
    Students practice weekly spelling and vocabulary words through hands-on activities like Wikki Sticks, using magnets and stamps to make words and letter cutouts.  They can also practice sight words.

    Listen to reading
    Students use technology to listen to fluent reading.  We also have access to Tumblebooks on our student computers.