• Honors English 1


    The Honors program at Steele provides students the opportunity to get a "taste" of advanced courses and rigor.  Students are expected to follow through on their responsibility by participating in class and completing assignmetns and submitting them on time. This is a fast-paced course that is structured somewhat like a college course in that independet work is expected, outside reading is expected, and advocating for oneself is highly encouraged.

    Students utilize College Boards Springboard.  Students  will have consumable books, but they will also be submitting work via Schoology. 

    Areas of Study:  Fiction and Nonfiction

                               Drama: Romeo & Juliet


                               Novel Study: To Kill a Mockingbird, Just Mercy, Speak 


                               Oral Presentations

                               Writing! (Lots of it!)


    Other expectations:   Outside Reading : Anthem, Animal Farm, Student choice

                                        Participation is class activites and discussion                 

                                        Strong work ethic  

                                        Effective problem solving skills

                                        Effective communication skills

                                        Willingness to help others

                                        Strong listening skills


                                        Kindness and support of classmates