• Transition Planning is defined as a "coordinated set of activities for students with a disability that is designed to be within a results-oriented process". Schertz, Cibolo, Universal City Independent School District is commited to guiding our students through the transition process beginning at age 14, and updating annually based on student's, preferences, needs, and interests. Transition planning is designed to promote movement from the school setting to post-secondary activities. Post-secondary activities can include, but not limited too:

    • University or Junior College
    • Millitary
    • Trade/Vocational School
    • Employment/On the Job Training
    • Local Agency Support

    It is highly encourage that students take part in their annual ARD meetings, so his/her team can gain an understanding of their vision for the future. 


    Transition in Texas Employment Guide

  • For more information regarding transition and/or agency supports, please contact:

    Adriana White, District Transition Designee - 210-945-6438