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    Dear 4th Grade Parents,

    I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you and convey my excitement at the opportunity to work with you and your students this year. Music enables us to explore and embrace our differences as we work together to create a caring community where all children feel like they belong. Choir is the perfect place for students to practice cooperation and leadership as they develop their musical, physical and mental skills.

    Who’s eligible?

    Any 4th grader who enjoys singing and performing is eligible for membership. A choir permission slip is attached. The permission slip should be filled out and returned to your child’s music teacher before the first day of choir. 

    When does Choir meet?

    Choir meets Tuesdays after school from 2:45-3:45 pm. Choir rehearsal will be in the Music Room. All students must be picked up by a parent or guardian by 3:45 pm in front of the school. Attendance is very important. 3 absences and/or 2 late pick-ups* will result in dismissal from the ensemble. * Late pick-ups are counted at 4:00 p.m.


    November 10: Veteran's Day performance at NE Lakeview

                           This performance will take place during the school day

    Dress: Cibolo Valley or navy blue shirt and blue jeans or dark pants


    December 1: Choir Concert

    The concert will begin at 6:30pm in the Cibolo Valley cafeteria. 

    Please have your choir member here by 6:00pm.

    Dress: Cibolo Valley or navy blue shirt and blue jeans or dark pants

    Choir Dress

    The choir uniform will consist of blue jeans or dark pants and a Cibolo Valley music ensemble shirt.


    I will act appropriately during rehearsals, performances and field trips. This includes following directions the first time I am asked, controlling my talking, using instruments wisely, having a positive attitude and being respectful to Mrs. Rodriguez and other ensemble members and chaperones.

    I will attend all rehearsals and performances. If I am going to be absent, I will ask my parent or guardian to write a note or to call the office and leave a message to inform Mrs. Rodriguez.

    I will represent Cibolo Valley Elementary on all outings, field trips and district functions. This means that I will wear the appropriate attire, look neat, follow directions, speak respectfully to others, control my talking and have a positive attitude.

    I will represent the Cibolo Valley Choir during the school day by always doing my best work, being respectful to others and following the school rules.

    I understand that attendance is very important and. 3 absences and/or 2 late pick-ups* will result in dismissal from the ensemble. * Late pick-ups are counted at 4:00 p.m

    I understand Mrs. Rodriguez expects the highest level of musicianship, citizenship, and leadership from students participating in these groups.

    I understand that I will be placed on probation from rehearsals/performances/field trips if I:

    · Receive ANY class conduct or participation grade below “S-“

    The length of probation will be determined by the student’s progress in conduct. If marked improvements are made, the student will be allowed to participate once again.

    I understand that if I behave inappropriately during rehearsals, performances, field trips, or the school day I may be dismissed from ALL extra-curricular music activities. Extra-curricular music activities are a PRIVILEGE. Misbehavior, absenteeism, and poor conduct will not be tolerated.