• Google Classroom:

    1st: d3rnblt

    2nd: 46tbjw5

    3rd: ioqp7ve

    4th: mzuabml

    5th: 7crxi3x

    6th: u6yvxtx

    To access resources on google classroom make sure you are signed in to your SCUC email address.  Use the following example if you are unsure...

    Username:  last name, first two letters of first name, last 3 of ID# and add @scuc.txed.net
    Password:  first two letters of first name, entire ID# with the leading zero

    Example:  JANE DOE 012345
    Username:  doeja345@scuc.txed.net

    Password:  ja012345

  • Email


  • Google Voice:



    text @rpatel88 to 81010