• What is UIL?  

    Academic UIL is the first step toward educational excellence. Your first step could start now with Dobie's UIL program. Our events span the curriculum and serve to reinforce the school curriculum and state testing. Dobie is one of approximately 3,000 schools that participate in a cariety of events such as Ready Writing, Oral Reading, Science, Social Studies, Math, Spelling, and several others. More information about UIL can be found at www.uil.utexas.edu

    In this section of Dobie's Academic Programs you will find information on all the events, the coaches, and practice times as they become set. Please feel free to contact any of the coaches for questions about our program that you cannot find here.

    Our district's competition participants include: Corbett Jr. High, Dobie Jr. High, Oak Run Middle School, and New Braunfels Middle School.

    Suggestions for Participating Students

    Students are encouraged to dress up. After all we are representing Dobie. Either way, dress code rules will apply. Anyone out of dress code will need to change or face possible elimination from the meet.

    The students will be at the host campus for much of the day. We will meet at Dobie early Saturday mornings and take a bus to the meet. Students should have money for snack/drinks/lunch. If parents choose to, they may come and pick up their child, making sure to sign him or her out with one of the coordinators.

    Students are responsible for any personal belongings they bring to the meet. Electronic devices and other expensive items must be kept track of by the students. Please speak with your coaches about cell phones in the testing rooms!

    Meet and Practice Information

    1)  Practices will begin in November and will be held before or after school.  A list of events and coaches is shown below.  If you cannot make the practice time held by the coach, PLEASE go see your coach to make alternative arrangements. 

    2)  The competition is normally set to begin in January and end sometime in February. Please see below for this year’s dates.

    3)  Meets are held on Saturdays and run from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.    

    4)  Meets consist of two student qualifying competitions and one "Tournament of Champions" competition.

    5)  A student may participate in many different events.  This broadens the students' chances for qualifying to attend the "Tournament of Champions".

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