• Beowulf

  • Beowulf (/ˈbəwʊlf/) is an Old English Epic Poem which recounts the exploits of Beowulf who travels to the land of the Danes to help King Hrothgard defeat the monstrous Grendel. The story covers 3 epic battles in Beowulf's life. 



    For this unit we will:


    1. Discuss how Beowulf relfects the values of the Anglo-Saxon Culture
    2. How Beowulf epitomizes an Epic hero
    3. Examine the use of kennings and alliteration as poetic devices
    4. Analyize the story for themes


    Reading Schedule - because we are using some excerpts not in the green book, if you are absent please see below to make up any missed reading. 

    Green Book Pgs. 42-49

    Heaney Text: Pgs 32-45

    Green Book Pgs. 50-56

    Heaney Text: Pgs 101/103

    Green Book Pgs. 57-61

    Heaney Text Pgs 117-121

    Green Book Pgs 62-70

Picture of Beowulf book cover