Routine/ As Needed Medical Form

  • o   Your doctor will need to complete the Medication Administration Form if your child needs to take medication at school. This form must be signed/dated by your child's physician and a parent and turned in with the medication to the school nurse. All medications must be delivered by an adult.  Please refer to SCUC-ISD medication policy for further questions. 

    o   This form is to be used for many types of medications to include/but not limited to ADHD, stomach relief, pain relief, and migraine medications. 

    o   It is used for medications that need to be given daily as well as medications that are given on a as needed basis.

    o   If your child just needs to take the medication for 5 days or less, you may complete the Medication Administration Form.  Please know that medications will not be given longer than 5 days without a Doctors signature.  This form must be signed by a parent, medication must be kept in the original container, and delivered by the parent.  Again, please refer to medication policy for further information.

    o   Please click on the link below to print/complete forms.