• This is where I will post the next steps we need to do to stay on the same page.  I know that this is a lot and may seem overwhelming, I get it.  Please let me know if I can help. 


    1. Please join Classlink.  To join please go to this link launchpad.classlink.com/scuc  and enter your students information.  You will need their student id number and follow the pattern below.

    Username: last name first two letters of first name last 3 digits of ID number

    Password: first two letters of first name and full ID number (with the 0)


    Example: John Doe 012345

    username: doejo345

    password: jo012345


    2. Next, join our Google Classroom.  Here are the directions using a computer:

    1. Go to classroom.google.com 

    2. At the top, click ADD +  > Join class

    3. Enter this code brs25ra


    If you want to sign up using your phone or device, you will have to add the app and then follw steps 2-3 above


    3. Please make sure you are signed into our ClassDojo.  Here is the link   Dojo


    Thank you!