Remote Learning FAQ

    • Where do I find the assignments?

      Log in to ClassLink through the District's Home Page.  Open Google Classroom and click on Classwork.  Google Classroom will be your launchpad for all assignments, notes and informational resources.  

    • When are assignments uploaded to Google Classroom?

      Assignments will be uploaded each day. The assignment will include instructions and when the assignment is due.

    • When are the assignments due?

      Assignment due dates vary according to the teacher. Each posted assignment on google classroom will have a due date. 
    • What is the protocol should I have questions or need some direct instruction?

      You can always reach out via email at  I also have asked each student/parent to download the remind app and join either the honors, regular or remote section. This is a platform that students and parents can use if they need an immediate response. For more information on the remind app, please click to Remind 101 page.

    • How do I access the daily instructional time?

      We will be using Zoom. Zoom links to meetings will be posted in Google Classroom along with the meeting times. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Zoom meetings as it is one way for them to be counted present for attendance.


Official Launch - August 13

  • Video Conferences for Tutoring will be held Mondays-Fridays.

    Homeroom Meeting - 8:30-9:00 AM

    Honors Science- 9:00-9:30 AM

    Regular Science- 9:30-10:00 AM