• Welcome to Steele High school Physical Education. 

    My name is Coach Darcy Jackson and I will be your instructor.


    High School: Samuel Clemens

    College: UTA -Bachelors in Phys. Ed/Health/Drivers Education

    Head Coach: Cross Country


    Can't wait to be your teacher.


    Schedule:                                                    Sign up for REMIND: To: 81010

    1st Period:   8:40-9:30-------   Cross Country                               @skcc202

    2nd Period:  9:35-10:30-------  Physical Education                        @pesk2

    3rd Period:  10:35-11:25------- Physical Education                        @skpe3

    4th Period:  11:30-12:20------- Lunch

    5th Period:  12:25-1:15--------- Conference

    6th Period:  1:20-2:10----------- Physical Education                      @skpe6

    7th Period:  2:15-3:05----------- Physical Education                      @skpe7

    8th Period:  3:10-4:00---------- track


    **E-mail - Djackson@scuc.txed.net


    **Phone:  210-619-4041


    **PE Rules and Regulations:    https://www.scuc.txed.net/Page/13683


    **This will be your link to google classroom: mrmp4rr


     ZOOM: Everyday:

    8:45-9:00am and 2:25-3:10pm