• Parent FAQ

    I can't join my child's Google Classroom?

    Parents do not join the classroom. If they were to join they become a student and do not see any work related to their child. They may log in with their child or ask their teacher to sign them up to receive parent guardian summaries. These provide a weekly summary of what was assigned, due, and what has not been completed.


    My child is needing an email verification through Zoom?

    Do not sign up for Zoom using an email. Please click on sign up then choose the Google Sign-in Option. You may need to scroll down on your screen to see that option.


    I can not access Classlink on the iPad or phone?

    When you are using class link on a mobile device choose Schertz Cibolo, then choose login with ADFS. Enter your district's username with @scuc.txed.net at the end and your district password.


    I can not log in to Google Classroom or see Google documents shared with me?

    Please be sure you are not logged in to your personal Gmail account. Look to the top right and be sure it shows you are logged in to your district Google account. Sometimes when you are logged in to both accounts it defaults to your personal account.


    I can not access my textbook?

    You will need to log into Classlink to access your online textbook. Click here for instructions on how to add textbooks from the Classlink library.