GOOGLE CLASSROOM MATH: Google Classroom 101


    • All of my students have accessed Google Classroom already this year and should be able to just click the appropriate class with their login.
    • Zoom is the video conferencing platform we will be using for students to be able to reach teachers if they need assistance.

      ZoomTutorial link

      zoom 2
    • google docs
    • Here is the link to make it easy: classlink


      Tutorial for how to access Classlink: link


      User name: Your last name + the first two letters of your first name + the last three numbers of your ID (lunch) number @scuc.txed.net

      Password: First two letters of your first name and your whole ID (lunch) number including the zero


    How to add an app to Classlink - like ZOOM the video conferencing platform students will use: link


    Google Voice Number: 210-802-9460