• Federal Programs: Every Student Succeeds Act


    Title Programs

    The United States, through the US Department of Education, provides states federal educational funds based on a state's population, unemployement rate, poverty rates, low-income families and more. SCUC-ISD applies annually for these funds, known as the Every Student Succeeds Act (or ESSA) funds. These programs are divided by title, including:

    (1) Title I, Part A: Improving the academic achievement of students

    (2) Title II, Part A: Preparing, training and recruiting high quality teachers and principals

    (3) Title III, Part A: Language instruction for limited English proficient and immigrant students

    (4) Title IV, Part A: To support safe and healthy students with a well-rounded education


    Title 1 campuses for 2023-2024 are:

    • Rose Garden Elementary
    • Schertz Elementary
    • Watts Elementary
    • Wilder Intermediate

    ESSA Plan 23-24          

    Parent and Family Engagement Plan 2023-2024          Spanish Parent and Family Engagement Plan 2023-2024