• Rules and Expectations for Señora Mejía’s Remote Spanish Classes:

    1. For the first 3 weeks of school, sign onto Google Classroom and complete assignments every day. This will be required in order for you to be marked present. All assignments, course materials, and resources, will be on Google Classroom.

    2. Zoom meetings- If you are participating in a live Zoom meeting, please click on “show video” in order for me to see you and click on “mute yourself” so I will not be able to hear your background noise. When you are ready to speak or ask a question, you can hold the spacebar down to speak. You will find both of these buttons on the bottom left of your Zoom screen.

    3. During live Zoom meetings, keep distractions to a minimum. No grooming, other personal electronics, foods, or chewing gum loudly.

    4. Be positive and respectful towards yourself, teacher, and other students.

    5. Check back periodically for any changes to the rules above.