On Campus:

    - 1.5" to 2" binder  

    - 4 dividers (homework, notes, resources, graded work)

    - 2 reams notebook paper (on campus learner:  1 at home, 1 at school)

    -Pencils, handheld sharpener

    -red/blue pens

    -highlighters (any colors)


    ***One pair with audio jack to use with campus technology and  one pair that will work with personal technology if you so choose to use at teacher discretion***  


    - At home:  
    *All of the above supplies, as well as:
    *3 hole-punch if able for printed notes to be put into the math binder
    *printer/printer paper as needed (all notes/activities can be done on notebook paper if a printer is not available)


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