• Teacher: Brady Russell

    Classes: Art1

    Email: brussell@scuc.txed.net

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    New Zoom Times Periods 1-8

    Zoom Meeting 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

    Zoom Meeting 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

    Zooms codes and links will be posted in Google Classroom


    Tutoring is available before school 7:45 AM-8:30 AM Tuesday- Friday upon request. 

     I am very excited to teach the students at Steele High School! I have eighteen years of teaching experience in art and five years teaching technology.  It is a passion of mine to teach students in the arts how to be successful in life using their creative talents.  I have high expectations in my class because I want students to be proud of their work. I establish a strong foundation in the understanding of art and design and engage students in exciting and innovative projects. I can’t wait to see the amazing works students will create this year!

    When I’m not teaching I’m busy keeping up with my 12 year old and 11 year old daughters and my 8 year old son. I am married to my beautiful wife of 15 years. We live in Cibolo and love this community! I enjoy painting with acrylics and working on graphic and web design for my wife’s business, as well as renovating our home as time permits!

    Introduction to Course

    Art 1 sets the foundation for Visual Arts at Steele.  Students will learn about the elements and principles of art and how they work together to create beautiful works of art. Students will observe different historical works of art and learn how the Masters created them. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of art through constructive critique from their peers and teacher. They will also have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of mediums and learn techniques in drawing, painting, and sculpting.


    Remote access will start August 13th Art 1 will be using Google Classroom, Remind, and Zoom.


    Important information is listed below:


    Remind Codes:

    Art 1 Period 1       Code: @3ak4bd

    Art 1 Period 2       Code: @4879ah

    Art 1 Period 5      Code: @e7kcg7

    Art 1 Period 6      Code: @e2heeg

    Art 1 Period 7      Code: @482e89

    Art 1 Period 8      Code: @gf7abb


    Google Classroom Codes:

    Art 1 Period 1       Code: vurx4o7

    Art 1 Period 2       Code: bvx6up4

    Art 1 Period 5      Code: hrxreux

    Art 1 Period 6      Code: ghwrhjx

    Art 1 Period 7      Code: ihscgh6

    Art 1 Period 8      Code: ppf7hqq


    ART 1-  Supply List 

    1 Sketchbook (spiral lasts longer)

     Pack of Pencils (12-24 ct)

    2-3 Hi polymer Erasers (white erasers)

    2 Thin Black Permenant Markers

    2 Ultra-thin Black Permenmant Markers 

    1 Ruler (12 -18 in)

    Glue Sticks (2-3)

    Pack of Color Pencils (12-24 ct) -

         (*Prismacolors are best, but not necessary)

    12 color Watercolor Tray (Prang prefered)

    **Please DO NOT purchase RoseArt or HEB brand products, they do not last long or work well**

    *Donations of any above products are appreciated for those in need, if you are able*



    My Schedule  

    • 8:40 – 9:25       Period 1

    • 9:30 - 10:15     Period 2

    • 2:20 - 11:05     Conference
    • 11:10- 11:55    Lunch
    • 12:00 - 12:45   Period 5

    • 12:50 – 1:35    Period 6

    • 1:40 - 2:25       Period 7

    •  2:25-3:10        Knight Time
    • 3:15 - 4:00       Period 8