Math Lengyel/Snyder:  atkqy5z

    ELA Miller/Krambeck:  x2sfson

    Sci/SS Dryden:  hj3lj33

    As your child proceeds through their lessons on Google Classroom and needs assistance, please have them send a comment to the teacher.  We will respond as quickly as possible.


     Some Helpful Tips:


    1.)  Logon to each Google Classroom (for each subject) EVERY WEEKDAY so you don't fall behind.  Access Google Classroom through your ClassLink account.


    2. )  NEVER click "Turn in" or "Submit" until you have actually completed the assignment.  

           Doing so will result in a zero on the assignment and will lower your class average.



                   -READ all instructions and watch all examples and videos.

                   -Ask someone at home for help if possible.  This might save you a lot of time instead of having to

                    wait for me to have an opening to contact you.


     4. )  If you need help, please leave a COMMENT in the assingment feed.  Please be VERY SPECIFIC, as typing "I need help" is not going to help me help you.

                   -Tell me what problem you're having difficulty with.

                   -What specifically do you not understand?

                   -Do you need a one-on-one tutorial on Zoom?


    5.)  After you have gone back through the assingment to make sure you've completed it correctly (typing in answers, dragging and dropping images, etc.), remember to click "Turn in" or "Submit."