• Welcome Dual Credit Students!

    Remote Learning:

     Starting 4 September 2020 all work will be assigned through Canvas.

    Zoom Times:

    Afternoons from 2:30- 3:00 pm.  Click HERE to join a ZOOM meeting

    Zoom is for answering your questions and receiving clarifications concerning concepts and material.  Before you join a meeting, make sure you are dressed appropriately and have elimiated background noise.  Make sure your microphone is mutted when you enter the session and use the raised hand icon and wait to be called on before you speak.  You can ask me questions directly or type a question in the chat session.  


    Zoom will be used for virtual tutoring.

    In person tutoring is before school at 8 am Monday-Friday walk-ins welcome (if available).  Afternoon tutoring is by appointment only.

    Grading Guidelines:

    Grades will include Formative (40%) and Summative (60%) grades.   

    You will be graded on the quality of work you submit on the due date; late work is not accepted.  There is no extra credit or retesting.    

    Teacher Contact   

    Email me at tvann@scuc.txed.net.  It is best to use the parent portal in txconnect (to avoid SPAM) or join a Zoom session

    Textbook and Assignments

    The textbook is located on the left-hand side bar titled Dual Credit Materials.  There will be additional materials uploaded throughout the year.  Textbooks are also available for students to check out.