Remote Google Classroom Codes and Zoom Meetings

    Here are Google Classroom Codes for Art and Other Specials, and Art Zoom schedule.
      Art Google Classroom codes 
                                 6th grade check your scheduals for what period you have Art
    Students will need a sketchbook. This can be a composition book, notebook, sketchbook, drawing pad...
    Period   Code
                                5th grade                                                                  
    Sign in to join the class for your Specials Class Period.
    Parents will be invited to join as well to see assignments, the work turned-in, and the posted grades. I encourage parents to join so they can see everything their child is to do and has done.
    5th grade rotates to all Fine Arts- Art, Band, Choir, Orchestra
    Look at the group that has the initial of the student's last name.
    A-E is in Band now
    F-L is is in Choir now
    M-R is in Orchestra now
    S-Z is in Art now
    Codes are below.
    Art Zoom Schedule
       The code is listed on your Google Classroom on the Stream page.
    We can't post code here because anyone that goes through our sites can get them to join the Zoom. 
    These sessions are "come and go" meaning you'll come in to get your help then you'll leave so others come in.
       You may have a wait time but I will hurry to get to everyone.
      This is a time for asking questions, not for chatting please. Also you can always ask through Google Classroom in the assignment you have a question about.
    5th and 6th Grades: Monday-Friday 12:30-1:00
     Specials Classroom Codes
    The other Fine Arts are here. Please wait until you rotate to your next class before you join.
    Choir Codes for F-L
    2nd period - rabdikx
    3rd period - j67lov6
    Orchestra Codes for M-R
    2nd period - nkiifet
    3rd period - erkvyg3
    Art Codes for S-Z
    2nd period - u7lahiz
    3rd period - 5i5wbyd
    PE Codes
    5th grade - hqfhuf6
    6th grade - ylgnxq6
    Technology Codes
    5th grade - 5dw5om2 (lowercase O, not zero)
    6th grade - wa7bhn2
    Library Codes
    5th grade - 2rdxa5r
    6th grade - 7z23tqa