Classroom Rules & Expectations

  • In Watts  PE, we work on many different aspects of character to help develop our students into leaders. Our goals are to have our students learn and show respect and good sportsmanship to both teachers and peers while having fun. 



    R = Responsibility; E = Effort; S = Safety; P = Participation; E = Enthusiasm; C = Cooperation; T = Teamwork


    -                    RESPECT means; be nice to yourself, the teacher, your classmates, and the equipment/gym.

    -                    The “R” stands for Responsibility, which means enter the gym quietly, find the correct color dot, and ensure shoes are tied. Do not bring food, candy, gum, drinks or personal belongings into the gym.  Remember to wear the proper shoes on your PE days.

    -                 The “E” stands for Effort, which means try everything and try your best.

    -                    The “S” is for Safety, which means act safely in the gym at all times. Work in your own personal space and move under control. Do not hurt yourself and others, and keep your hands to yourself!

    -                   The “P” stands for Participation, which means you will participate in every class. You must be prepared with the proper footwear and comfortable clothing.

    -                  The other “E” is for Enthusiasm, which means show good sportsmanship, positive attitudes, and always encourage one another. Do not say mean things. Absolutely no put-downs!

    -                   The “C” is for Cooperation, which means getting along with others.  Share the equipment and get along with one another.  When others talk, we listen.

    -                  The “T” stands for Teamwork, which means be a good friend and help others.  Two heads are better than one.