• Below is a copy an informational email that I sent out Wed. 8/12.
    Good Morning,
    I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to send out a reminder of a few things for tomorrow. 
    As of yesterday around noon, all students were successfully added to their Google classroom for ELA. Please have your child log into their classlink and go to Google classroom to accept the invitation and officially "join" the class. I have attached a document that explains logging in to Class link below for reference. 
    Please note that there is one Google classroom for all 6th grade honors students at Schlather this year. This is mainly to help with management when we split between face to face and virtual following the Labor Day holiday. 
    For attendance purposes tomorrow, please make sure your child completes the attendance form located on slide one of tomorrow's lesson for ELA. We will need to take attendance by 1pm tomorrow for enrollment purposes and then it will shift to students having until 11:59 pm each night. 
    Remember there are three ways to be counted present each day-
    1) complete assignments in Google classroom 
    2) check in with a teacher via zoom, email, or phone call
    3) participation in assigned lessons (completing a form or activity attached to a lesson that may not be for a grade) 
    Homeroom teachers will be keeping track of attendance, so if you have any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out!
    When students accept the Google classroom invitation, please have them go to the Classwork tab and look at the Resources listed. One is a video showing how the Google classroom will work. I hope this helps alleviate any stress your child may have and answer questions that may come up. 
    I have also re-attached the Meet the Teacher presentations put together by 6th grade teachers by subject, just in case you didn't receive it in my email that was sent out on Monday.
    Thank you so much for all of your support already, and I can't wait for a great start to our school year tomorrow!

    Sherry Headley

    ELA Teacher