Grading Policy

  • Up to 2 grades per week will be taken

    Each 6th grade student will have a minimum of 9 grades per grading period and will receive a number grade 0 - 100.

    Each 5th grade student will receive a minimum of 4 grades per Fine Arts Rotation and will receive a letter grade.

    • E = 95
    • S = 85
    • N = 75
    • U = 65


    Summative grades are 50% of each student’s grade

    • Summative Grades can include:
      • Concerts
      • Singing videos
      • End of unit tests


    Formative grades are 50% of each student’s grade

    • Daily participation is required (Virtual and Face-to-Face)
      • Daily participation isn’t just for their Choir grade, but for attendance purposes
    • Daily virtual participation could look like:
      • Participating with the videos and pressing, “Mark As Done”
      • Submitting an answer to a question
      • Submitting a quiz
      • Submitting a video
    • Daily face-to-face participation could include:
      • Use of solfege hand signs
      • Correct posture
      • Singing
      • Having music/Choir folder
      • Taking quizzes
    • **Important** Daily Grades
      • Virtual - For every day a student does not submit an assignment there will be 2 points deducted from their overall daily grade. Point deductions will be assessed during the following week.
      • Face-to-Face - For every day a students does not have their music/Choir folder there will be a 2 point deduction from their overall daily grade.
    • Formative grades for virtual and face-to-face could include:
      • Quizzes
      • Use of solfege hand signs
      • Binder Checks
      • Required Zoom Meetings (Tuesday – Virtual Students)
      • Compositions