• Remote Students: Checking out Library Books

    Video: How to Place Holds

     Book Policies:

    • Students cannot checkout books if they have overdue books or owe a fee for a lost book (to Dobie or another campus).
    • Student can checkout four books at a time, for a three-week time period (but only two graphic novels).
    • When books are returned, they will be quarantined for three days before they are available again for checkout.

     Holds/Reserving Books:

    • Students need to login to Destiny Discover (our online catalog) to access their account and place holds for books.
    • To login to Destiny Discover: enter your normal School Username (do not add @scuc.txed.net) and normal Password.
    • Holds can be placed for books that are available ("In") or checked out ("Out").
    •  Please note: if a book is available ("In") and you place it on hold, it will automatically say that it is "Ready." It is not...the librarian needs to pull the book from the shelf and check it out to the student.
    • If a book is currently "Out," you will have to wait until it is returned and has been quarantined for three days, before the hold can be processed.
    •  Holds are ready, when the book is checked out to the student: please check the Checkouts section in Destiny Discover.

     Pick Up / Returns:

    • Holds will be processed on Mondays and available for pick up Tuesday through Friday 8:30-3:00.
    • A book truck will be located in the front entrance vestibule: you will enter the first set of doors, but do not have to go into the front office area. Students' books will be bound together and labeled with the child's name (top shelf).
    • Please leave books you are returning on the bottom shelf. 
    • If a book has not been picked up by Friday, the hold will be canceled and the book placed back on the shelf.


    If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Loomis:


    (210) 619-4108