• Many students with disabilities need accommodations in the school and/or classroom setting to enable them to access the benefits of public education as their non-disabled peers do. These accommodations are identified by the Section 504 committee and serve to "level the playing field" and reduce the effects of the student's disability when compared to grade level peers. The committee must take into consideration:

    • Accommodations should directly relate to disability. Some students have difficulty in other areas that are not related to the disability. These may be areas the parents and teachers should address, but they should not be part of the 504 Services Plan.
    • A student's needs change as he/she grow. Many students may require more intensive accommodations in lower grades, but, with interventions, that student may require fewer accommodations in more advanced grades. It is important to adjust the plan to make sure expectations are always appropriate.
    • It is important to take into consideration the student's motivation, perseption, and learning style.
    • Accommodations are not designed to maximize a student's potential. They are only intended to allow equal access with non-disabled peers to the benefits of public education.