Step 1: Online Registration
  • To begin new student registration, families must create a TX Connect account. This account will serve as the portal to registering any students from the same family in SCUC ISD. NOTE: If you already have a student enrolled in SCUC ISD, you do not need to create another TX Connect account. Simply log in to your current TX Connect account to register your student(s).

    **Please Note: For Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and new 1st graders registration: we will be moving to a new system for registration and student information mid-May 2021. If you are unable to complete the full registration process by May 14th, please wait until our new system opens on July 26, 2021 to register** {The new registration sytem information will be posted on this webpage} All other registration for new students (2nd-12th grades) will take place in July through our new registration system. 



     (for a PDF of how to create your TX Connect Account, click here)

    From the txConnect Login page (LINKED HERE), click the link under New txConnect User to go to the Registration page.  

     TX Connect Login Page Image















    Step A:

    Create a User Name (NOT case-sensitive) and password (IS case-sensitive), confirm the password and enter your current e-mail address.  Click Next.

     Step 1: Create Username and Password image


    Step B:

    In the Question field, select a question to which you will provide an answer.

    This question will be asked in the event that you lose your password.  The answer IS case sensitive.  Click Next.


    Step 2: creating a hint question








    Step C:

    Enter the Student Portal ID (if you have one from the campus). The student portal ID must be typed exactly as it is printed (i.e., uppercase and lowercase letters) and enter the Student Birth Date in MM/DD/YYYY format (e.g.; 01/19/1998). Click Add. 

    **If you do not have a Student Portal ID because you are new to the district, skip this step by clicking "Complete". Your Portal ID will be sent to you by your student's campus once registration has been processed.**


     Image: Student Portal ID and Birthdate

     If you entered a Portal ID and birthdate for your child, your student’s name appears in the Added Students box on the right side of the page.

     Image showing successful added student






    Repeat step C to add another student, or click Complete.  Once you click on complete, the Summary page opens indicating that your account was created.

    *  You will immediately receive an email with a Registration Security Key.  



    Step D:

    From the Summary Page, click on the My Account tab.

    Image showing My Account location


        Under Email Address, enter the verification code from the email you received and click on Verify Code. You must enter the exact registration code in the field in order to complete the registration process and be able to receive electronic report cards/IPRs and edit student information.  The easiest way to enter the code accurately is to copy it from the e-mail message and paste it into the field.

    Image showing verification code entry


    Congratuations! You now have an account in TX Connect to Register!

    Step E: Login (Link to TX Connect here) and enter the information for your child(ren). 

    Step F: Be sure to Submit your TX Connect Registration by following the steps here: (LINK)


    Frequently Asked Questions about registration: 

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Finished Step 1: Online Registration? Click the link below to move to Step 2: Submitting Paperwork.

    Step 2: Submit Paperwork



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