• Classroom Library

    I have an extensive library of over 300 books. Although student can choose  b ook from home or the school or public library, I do like them to begin with the classroom library. 

    NOTE: YA Literature often includes mature subject matter. The title chosen should be approved by a parent based on the appropriateness and student maturity. The list and complete classroom library includes a range of literary topics and voice in hopes of offering  choice and an enjoyable, educational reading experience for all. 


    Class Novel studyAnthem, Just Mercy, To Kill a Mockingbird






  • What can I do to help my child this year?

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    1. Sign up for TXConnect, make sure they have the pasword, and check grades weekly. Know that a Missing (M) often means they did not turn in an assignment when they think they did OR they were absent and I need them to know they have work to make up.  Don't panic- the M will be replaced when/if the work is received.

    2. Ask questions of them- get them talking about their day.  Ask open ended questions where they need to explain their answers and provide you wth details (this will definitely help in their writing)

    3. Allow them to advocate for themselves if they have questions or concerns about a grade or assignment.  It may be a bit scary for them (it was for e when I was a student) , but it helps build resilience as well as the relationship between the student and the teacher.

    4. Complete the parent survey on the web page.  This will help the teacher to better understand your child.

    5. Encourage going the 'extra mile.'  Support the idea of them joining clubs and organizations, taking on leadership roles, etc.

    6. Make sure they do have 'down time' where they are just relaxing and taking time for themselves.

    7. Grades sometimes begin lower than usual (especially with writing).  Students who have always had all A's often find themselves receiving B's or C's on assignments.  This usually balances out as they get to know the teacher, expectations, and learn the new skills required.  Help them to acknowledge this, take a deep breath, and keep marching forward.  No need to be discouraged.


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  • Where can my child receive support & guidance if they are feeling overwhelmed or need addition

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    High school can be a very challenging time, and in this post-covid (?) world and our return to 'normalcy' some students may experience the need for some additional support.

    Our counselors are amazing.  Students can request an appointment with them by filling out a form at the gallery reception desk or let me know they want to speak with them and I can make contact with them. Our CIS (Communities inSchools) counselor  and Military Connection counselor are available as well.

    You, or your child, can contact them directly or let me know and I can get the ball rolling by setting up a meeting.

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  • How can I contact the teacher?

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    The best mode of contact is via email (sshires@scuc.txed.net).  Although it can seem impersonal, it is the quickest way to have questions answered.

    You can also send a message in REMIND (see the course page for the parent log in/sign up)

    I will also work with your child before contacting you.  Due to my schedule, I will be emailing more than calling.

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  • If my child needs help, when and where can they get it?

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    Knight Time (between 7th and 8th periods) will be my tutorial times on Tuesday and Thursdays.  Students will need a pass to leave their 7th period classroom to come for tutoring.  If a studnet is on campus early, they can come up to my room as well.

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  • What is the grading policy?

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    A.  50% tests, projects, major writing, research, socratic seminars (summative)

         50% daily work, quizzes, participation, etc. (formative)

    B. Failing Test grades (not long term assignments) can be redone for a max of 70 within 5 days of the grade being placed in TXConnect.

    C.  Essays can always be revised and edited to be regraded, as long as it is in the same grading period.  Our goal is to improve writing- not have it be a

         'one and done' process (except timed writing which we know is basically a rough draft)

    D.  No late work will be accepted after 5 days (we have extended the district policy on this)

    E.  Late work will result in point deductions each day until turned in.

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  • 1. Will there be homework required of my child?

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    Students will usually always have reading they can do at home (even though some time will be given in class).  Long term assignments will come with outside reading and research.  We try not to have homework, as other subjects have it daily, but if work is not completed in the time provided in class, the only answer is to complete it at home.

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