Student-led Transition and Resiliency Program  

    The student-led Anchored4Life transition and resiliency program was established at Rose Garden Elementary during the 2021-2022 school year. The program advisors are Mrs. Sherman, School Counselor and Mrs. Olivar, CIS Site Coordinator.  Together, the advisors work with selected third and fourth grade students who are chosen to work as Team Leaders. The students in the program are selected by teacher's recommendation. Additionally, each classroom has a Crew Member; students that act as student ambassadors and buddies to new students on our campus.  

    The Anchored 4 Life program provides additional support for students that are having difficulties with any of the following:
    • Deployment
    • Reintegration
    • New Students
    • Moving
    • Grief and Loss
    • Divorce
    • Making Friends
    and a few other difficulties and challenges that students living the military lifestyle and culture face.
    Team Leaders

    The Team Leaders in the Anchored4Life program are select third and fourth grade students who are able to provide peer support to students facing various challenges.  Our student Team Leaders allow students facing challenges to be directly connected with a student close to their age who may be able to relate to their personal experiences.  Team Leaders provide comfort kits, lead activities, provide tours, and share inspirational quotes with our students.  This allows them to help their peers work through difficult times by sharing with each other ideas, questions, and discussions about the various topics.  

    Crew Members

    Our Crew Members are classroom leaders and buddies for students who transition to our school.  The main job of a Crew Member is to be a classroom greeter and to be a positive, caring person. Crew Members will eat lunch with new students, play with them during recess, and help them get acquainted with the students in the classroom. They also help to transition the new student into the routine of their classroom. Some of the points that they are trained on are:


    *Responsibilities in the Classroom (Classroom procedures)

    *Lunch Procedures

    *Recess Procedures

    *Discussing the After School Clubs/Activities




    Teachers choose two Crew Members from each classroom (one boy,one girl) for 1st and 2nd nine-weeks,  and two new ones for 3rd and 4th nine-weeks.  

     *Each Crew Member receives a manual for reference, training and a special pen to wear so that they are recognized for their participation in the program.


    If you have any questions about our Anchored4Life Program, please contact Jennifer Sherman at jsherman@scuc.txed.net, or Carrie Olivar at colivar@scuc.txed.net