About Us

  • Our School

    Paschal Elementary is named in memory of Norma J. Paschal. The campus opened in August of 2003 and is nestled among the oaks, cedar, and mountain laurel trees of the hill country in Schertz, Texas. A wing was added onto our school in the fall of 2004. Currently we have nearly 700 students enrolled at Paschal Elementary.

    The school colors - red, white, and blue.

    The mascot - the patriots.

    The Paschal Promise:

    I will be trustworthy;

    I will be responsible;

    I will be respectful.

    The Paschal Motto: Dream Big, Work Hard!

    The School Songs:

    Lift Every Voice and Sing by J. Rosamond Johnson, 1871-1938

    and The Paschal Patriot Proclamation by Joe Zurovec

    This school honors an educator who devoted her life to ensuring success and prosperity for the thousands of students she taught. Norma Paschal worked in the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District for 20 years as a school nurse and teacher. After retiring, her service to children did not stop. She volunteered for another decade as often as she could, always committed to her passion – enriching the lives of students with spirit, kindness, character, and patriotism. Her life was dedicated to children and filled with courage. Norma Paschal died in 2001 after a 13-year battle with breast cancer, but not before inspiring thousands of students to reach their highest goals and to be their best. SCUCISD will forever be grateful for the contributions of Norma and the entire Paschal family.