• Guidance


      Counselor and New Admin introductions

      Zones of Regulations


      October Anti Bullying and Healthy Choices

      Books- The Recess Queen, Enemy Pie

      Class activity – students will make a We Agree to not bully poster


      Video- SEL Video Lesson of the Week (week 13) - Bullying - YouTube


      November- Gratitude and Compassion

      Contribute to Community – Positive Culture

      Book- Maddi’s Fridge

      World Kindness Day 11/14

      Random Acts of Kindness Week

      Maddi's Fridge: Brandt, Lois, Vogel, Vin: 9781936261291: Amazon.com: Books  



      December- Embracing Differences/ Bullying Prevention

      Values Others-Trust and Respect

      Book- What if we were all the same?


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      January- National Career Development

      Engages in meaningful learning- Growth Mindset

      Career Exploration and Assessment

      CanLit for LittleCanadians: The Thing Lou Couldn't DoWhen I Grow Up  

      Book- When I grow up, The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do


      February- Kindness and Healthy Relationships

      Collaborates- Relationship and Belonging

      Book – Speak up  



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      Solves Problems- Safety



      May- Wrap-Up, Personal Health and Safet