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A Real Love Affair of Each Other & Teaching 


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Maxine Watts Statement 1999 (text of)


 Maxine & Lutrell Watts - You may have known Maxine and Lutrell Watts or you know the story their devotion to each other, their love for teaching and their contribution to education in our community. Their story is dear to all who know it.

Maxine and Lutrell Watts moved to the area in 1941 to teach at the Lower Valley School.  The Lower Valley School was a two room school for students from first through tenth grade.  The Watts' taught their students the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic. In addition to their academic curriculum, Mr. Watts would organize athletic events and coach the students.  Mrs. Watts introduced the students to the performing arts.  The front porch of the school house would be converted into a stage for annual end of the year events directed by the Watts'.  The students would perform elaborate plays and operettas for their audience.

Mr. & Mrs. Watts taught at the Lower Valley School until 1966 when the school was closed and their students began to attend schools in the Schertz Cibolo School District.  At the same time, Maxine and Lutrell Watts joined the Schertz Cibolo School District at Schertz Elementary School.  Mr. Watts became the Vice-principal and taught fifth grade and Mrs. Watts taught third grade. In 1980 they retired from teaching, but continued to be very active in the community. 

When the Lower Valley School was closed, Mr. & Mrs. Watts bought the school and the teacherage and continued to live on the property. 

SCUCISD named Maxine and Lutrell Watts Elementary School in honor of their dedication to teaching 1999. 

Lutrell Watts passed in November 2003 and we lost Maxine in February of 2007. Their story and the story of the little two-room school where they taught for 25 years are so much a part of our heritage that many asked what would happen to the Lower Valley School. The good news is that the little two room school will continue to play a role in education.

Maxine & Lutrell Watts’ heirs have given the little two room school to Northeast Lakeview College.  The College plans to move Lower Valley School to its new 265 acre campus.  The undertaking will involve transporting the historic building in sections.  In its new location, the building will be restored and developed as a living history museum. 
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