Allison L. Steele



    In 1993, Allison Louise Steele, was an English teacher at Samuel Clemens High School.  She was the wife of our late superintendent, Dr. Byron P. Steele, both highly respected members of our Schertz community. 

    Mrs. Steele had a generous heart and always saw the potential in every child.  She worried about those students who had a challenging life and could not graduate from our traditional high school, so she used a single classroom to help these students earn their credits.  Her mission was to help students achieve their full potential. Helping them realize their individual strengths, Mrs. Steele started a program, one that we are proud to carry on 30 years later.

    Over these years, we have grown from a single classroom to a full two-story campus. Even with the growth, our mission still remains the same, to provide a safe and secure environment with quality instruction to address the individual needs of every student. We assist them to build confidence in themselves and help them graduate.