2023 Summer Reading Assignment

  • Hi Parents/Students,

    My name is Lauren Rollins, and I am the IB coordinator and IB English 3 teacher. I am emailing you a copy of your summer reading assignment. The book you will need to read is called How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C Foster. A copy of this book can be purchased on Amazon or at any used bookstore. In addition, we have school copies that we can check out to students as well.

    The summer reading directions are found here. I have also shared an electronic copy of it via google drive with each student. On Friday, May 19, I will also call in each student to hand them a paper copy of this assignment for reference. At that time, I will give them a school copy of the book (if they want one) and a composition notebook (if they need one). They will sign a page saying they received all directions.

    I know the title of this book sounds incredibly boring, 😜 but I assure it is not at all. It is going to be the foundation of your IB English experience junior and senior year along with any college English courses you take. So make sure you read it, follow the directions, and absorb it.

    I am always here to support you guys, so if you need anything, send me a message on Remind or email me. Remind is much quicker though as I will only check emails once a week during the summer.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Lauren Rollins
    Honors English 1 teacher and IB English III teacher
    IB Coordinator
    Samuel Clemens High School