Gifted and Talented


    Our GT curriculum is student driven. We’ve found that this helps to spark the students’ interest in what we teach them.  We begin each year by asking the students what subjects interest them and what kinds of activities they’ve enjoyed that we’ve done in the past. Therefore, our curriculum is always changing.  

    Our Paschal Group is divided into two smaller groups, 1st-3rd graders and 4th grade.   They spend several weeks at a time working with each coordinator on a particular project and then they move to the other coordinator to begin a different project.  During this time our students will be using Engineering is Elementary which is a differentiation curriculum used in many districts with award winning gifted programs. This model uses a highly engaging, cross curricular, integrated model of content and delivery, which is designed to engage all students, regardless of their particular areas of giftedness. Along with Engineering is Elementary, our students will be engaged in various projects during the school year including, but not limited to, the following areas of study:

    -          Artist Study – An Exploration in Art        

    -       Scientific Investigations – Variables and How They Effect Outcomes

    -       Oil/Chalk Pastels – Abstract Drawings with New Mediums

    - – Exhibiting Our Work Electronically

    . - Turns photos into slideshows that views like a video

    -       PowerPoint Presentations – Learning to Use PowerPoint Software

    -       Logic Puzzles – Using Thinking Skills to Problem Solve

    .     Positive and Negative Spacial Art – Show Positive and Negative Space in Art

    We will finish out the year with the following larger projects: 

    GT Project Fair- Display Our Research on our TPSP (Texas Performance Standards Projects)

    We are fortunate this year to introduce Mrs. Blevins, SCUC GT Instructional Coach, and welcome her Tuesday visits to our campus.

    GT Coordinators:

    Norma England                    Julie Percevecz                   


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