Mathematics District Coordinators Department


    Mission Statement:The mission of the Student Academic and Support Services Department is to provide challenging, aligned curricula and learner-centered instructional services to campus leadership and teachers through professional development, instructional modeling, and data-driven decisions.



    What we do to support the mission: The coordinators are committed to serving educators through high-quality, innovative, best-practice instructional support.  We strive to create inquiry-based classroom environments in which students are involved in a variety of mathematical  experiences including hands-on activities, cooperative learning, problem solving and dialogue.  Through these experiences, students will further develop mathematical literacy and the skills necessary for the twenty-first century.


    2022-2023 Goals

    • To ignite passion and excitement in the math learning community, determined to positively influence the life of every student.  Through student engagement, rigor and relevance in mathematics, our teachers will develop students as critical thinkers and lifelong problem solvers, empowering all students to achieve success in their career and life.

    • Checkout this student made video on Problem Solving.

    • Implement a variety of professional development opportunities for all teachers of mathematics and computer science which are designed to increase student engagement and performance.

    • Promote standards-based, data-driven curricula which will ensure that all students master the course objectives.

    • Prepare campuses, teachers and students for College and Career Readiness.

    • Identify resources and provide support for Response to Intervention.

    Math Coordinators

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